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I’ve been fully occupied over the past couple of weeks, and although that’s a good thing, it always surprises me just how much busier I seem to get when I have “time off” booked. In between organising wedding related stuff (the missus and I have some weird idea about getting married) and going on “holiday” (read as “being busy somewhere else instead of being busy at home”), I managed to squeeze in a little painting tour.

A couple of painted ramps

First stop was Bromsgrove (a little town south of Brum), where I went to see some old school friends, catch up, and paint some of the local skate ramps – which I remember being far larger than they actually are. Apparently to local council dowsized the because all the little scooter-kiddies don’t know how to man up…. Shameful.

Side views of AS piece for S+P

Next stop was the Sneaks and Peaks mini-fest at Boxxed in Digbeth – Hoakser, Fluid, G87 and Philth were all painting, and were it not for the weather a lot more would have done. I love my crappy plastic pack-a-mack – as horrid as it looks, at least I managed to keep relatively dry and rain-free. Even the walls stayed fairly good, with the rain blowing (for the most part) away from the side most of us were painting.

Front view of AS piece for S+P

After Birmingham, I travelled to Bournemouth, and although I didn’t get the chance to paint whilst I was there, I did get a few cheeky stickers up before it was time to leave and head to Bristol.

Everyone Loves ACuppa Sticker - and the sea

Bristol is sick. The cops are easy, and the quality of a good portion of the work on the streets is excellent. I managed to paint near Nelson st, and in Stokes Croft, with very little bother. I even snuck in a little social commentry

AsOne piece just off Nelson St, Bristol

Get Fracked! in Stokes Groft, Bristol

London came next, with visits to Leake St, Stockwell and Shoreditch. It was good to bump into a few writers whilst down there – although I missed some others. I guess the lesson there is for me to actually try getting in touch with people beforehand! I did see some sick work from Sobek and Kcis at the Boxpark in Shoreditch though – watching them paint together is eerie. I swear there’s some sort of writer’s telepathy going on there. Or maybe it’s cause they’re twins. Whatever. It’s just spooky.

AS Piece in Shoreditch, London

AsOne piece in Stockwell, London

TLA Throwie in Leake Street, London

Recently I had a chance to spend the weekend travelling around – I went for a little day trip to London on the Saturday, and had the chance to go and see a pretty sick exhibition by D*Face. I also bumped into Jekyll and Becci of Street Art Birmingham whilst I was there. It was nice to have a quiet pint with them and have a chat prior to Sunday’s event, and prepare for the interview with me which they dropped on their latest post.

Interview Image Bar

Whilst in the London area, I swung past Stockwell to have a paint in the Hall of Fame down there. Dash, Astek, and some others were painting an Iz the Wiz memorial wall – also there were Tizer and GraffitiJunkie.

See this image and more on my Instagram account...

On the Sunday, Birmingham called. Digbeth venue Suki 10C has been under legal pressure from some unknown force of evil and it’s insidious noise complaints. Answering the call of one of Digbeth’s upstanding institutions, I made the drive down to paint at a fundraising event for their legal costs, and dop off a print for their raffle.

Painting on the day were Brum legends Title and Zooki – even after a bit of work getting some mulsh on one of the roughest walls known to man they still managed to burn it. This is their wall almost finished:

Title and Zooki killit at Suki10C

Birmingham’s own one robot army Lisk and I had the front of the venue, which has some recent repairs after some idiot crashed into the front wall. It was excellent to collaborate with him- it took us a while to realise it was actually our first wall together!

Shame you can't see this - it's a nice picture.

It's a skull!

So it was a great weekend all in all – two cities painted, good cause served, great people met, and beer consumed.

So, things have been busy since I last posted. Between organising for an upcoming exhibition, dealing with half-arsed couriers and helping drop a stag do for my mate Delf, things have been hectic. Working through any sort of real idea has been impossible, but I have been building on the experimental work I did with the new(ish) Hardcore2 paint from the Yard.

The first two got painted down at the wall out the back of the shop – and were joined with some sick pieces by Loki and Ments.

Some big paintings at the Yard

The theme kept building – a few canvases later in the studio…

Canvas Eyes

…and I decided to take the idea out onto the streets. Not being in a position where getting nicked is the best idea, I put into action one of those ideas that gets chucked around a lot but never really used, and went and wrapped the town up.

NUA Blue Face

I had great fun putting this up on the electrical box right next to the NUA library. Watching the faces of all the little art bunnies as they hopped past and caught a whiff of real paint made me chuckle…


A few more went up that day as well – this one at the top end of Duke St, one on Gentleman’s walk, and one next to a main roundabout on the ring road.


Apparently, this image made quite the rounds, even ending up on the front page of Reddit. I had a great time reading all the comments on there…

Anyway, stay tuned for an update later this week on the Norwich vs Birmingham Secret Walls event held at Norwich Castle, and the release of my new Tshirts.

First up, let me apologise for being so poor at posting regularly! The past month and a half have been particularly busy – I’ve unfortunately had to get two jobs - proper, meaningful employment jobs – in order to cover the costs of moving to Norwich and all the other incidentals life throws at you (like getting the car fixed, paying rent… eating…). This has left me with far less in the way of creative time than I would have hoped, and almost no time at all to document or share any of it! Time to fix that, I guess…

Let’s start with the important, fresh stuff. I will be at UpFest this year, painting at the Tobacco Factory over the Saturday and the Sunday. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of hearing about or going to UpFest, it is a free festival dedicated to street art and graffiti, and is hosted yearly in Bristol. This year they have a ridiculous number of artists heading down, across and up to smash some serious paint around.

There will be 250 artists and 40 DJs, Groups & Human Beatboxers spread over 3 sites inBristol city centre and it’s free. Seriously. Click on the flyer and get yourself down there on the 4th and 5th. I might give you a beer you never know!

Another festival that I had the pleasure of getting involved in recently was the Fierce Festival. Based in Birmingham, Fierce is spread out a little more that UpFest, and has a much more eclectic vibe to it. Myself, Tempo33 and Lisk were invited to come down and paint at a site-specific interactive installation near millennium Point. Working with Fierce, a  group called EXYZT had created a meeting place out of shipping containers and reclaimed timber, using local resources to create a local space. They didn’t have a license to sell alcohol, but as it was public land, no-one could stop the influx of tins from various off-licenses around the city centre. Good music played, and we artists developed our responses to Birmingham’s love/hate relationship with itself. My piece took influence from Brum’s Anglo-Saxon roots, using a decorative motif found on jewellery unearthed as part of the Staffordshire Hoard, as well as focusing on the attitude of many Birmingham residents: “Brum may be a bit crap, we’re the only ones allowed to say that, because it’s ours, and we love it, and woe betide any person not from Brum who slags it off”. Many thanks to Adam Ragg for these snaps from the morning after:

Photo of Brummagem Piece by Adam Ragg

Painting in the dark on steel with thick as hell corrugations is a little tricky, at least when it comes to straight lines and details, but the piece says what I wanted it to.

Adam Ragg's pic of the final "wall"Of course, I’ve also been as busy as time will allow me to be in Norwich. I’m now painting with Vandals Have Style, and I’ve been dropping the odd wheatpaste and skateboard around as well. Have a look at the flickr stream for recent work in that category. I’ve also been painting the legal spots a bit just to keep my hand in and to work on my letters – NOYZ from VHS and I painted a quick freestyle piece the other day which I was quite pleased with…

In the pic below you can see NOYZ VHS on the left and Ments on the right – unfortunately this wall sees a lot of dogging and cheap fame, but I guess it means we have a good excuse to keep burning over it time and time again!

Right then folks, I’ll leave it there for the moment. I’m working on new sticker and T-shirt designs at the moment, which I’m planning to drop as soon as I possibly can, and of course I’ll keep you all updated on the UpFest vibe as and when. I will be “tweeting” (God I hate that word) from UpFest as the weekend progresses, so be sure to keep an eye out for me on your twatstream over the 4th and 5th.

The move from Birmingham to Norwich is complete – and so far I have been very pleased with the result. Norwich seems like quite a friendly place, and there is a very healthy graffiti scene down over here. The sun is shining as well, which I’m sure has made everyone even more friendly than usual, and I’ve already had the chance to paint with a few of the local heads.

This piece went up on one of the city’s legal walls on a chilled Sunday afternoon. Met Geis painting down there – who deserves thanks for showing me around the place – as well as Quir and a couple of the other local lads. Another legal spot in Norwich is the Anglia Square complex, with some decent big walls and a whole bunch of crumbly flakey walls that want a good bash and a re-coat with some sort of heavy-duty paint.

The Purple Headed Warrior painted at Anglia Square a few days after I did the ENOSA piece. People seem to be coming out of the woodwork here – I met another 3 writers that day as well! Someone mentioned that within a month I would probably have met every Norwich painter / writer, and at this rate I wouldn’t be surprised.

In other news, since I’ve got here I’ve been helping some friends and family with the charity work that they have been doing in order to raise money for the British Red Cross. All of the proceeds have been going towards the massively important work that they are doing in New Zealand and Japan following the recent disasters that have occurred.

Small contributions have been made by painting the signage for a brilliant bake sale (that raised over £350) and also by designing the poster for a great fundraising gig. I have to say that I was blown away by the generosity of the Norwich public when the piece of live art that I created during the fundraiser was auctioned off for £120 – even better was the fact that the art is now hanging in the office of the man who, on the night, had his chest and armpits waxed live on stage. His pain raised £500 in sponsorship alone, and all of the above plus the door taking from the evening mean that over a grand is now going to help people who really need it.

So, all in all, the move to Norwich has got off to a great start. Check out my flickr page for more images of art created since I’ve been here, including a fresh batch of skateboards and a few stickers and drawings. Feel free to contribute to the “AsOne has moved to Norwich and is a bit broke” fund by buying one of the last few sticker packs from my web shop or even splashing out on one of my painted boards, also available online.

Well, I finally got the chance to have a stroll and put up the skateboards I painted last week. Somehow I even managed to get a reasonable patch of sunny weather – even if it was still a little cold, it was very nice to see Brum in a colour scheme other than grey with grey highlights and a grey drop shadow…


Have a stroll through my Flickr stream (on the left there) to see the original photos. Some boards of this sort to be on sale at We Are Birmingham this week – as soon as I can sort out some stands for them.

Yesterday I heard the word on the grapevine that Goldie had been spotted on West Midlands BBC show “Inside Out” talking about the problems facing the children’s welfare system in Britain. Whilst this is an important issue, the big news for me was that he’d also been spotted in Digbeth, and in front of a couple of my paintings to boot! Many thanks to TX,  @Noc67 and Graffiti4Hire for letting me know, the man Chu for hinting locations to the show crew, and to the Beeb for putting me on the air…

No photo? Go to my Flickr page...

Also spotted with Goldie were Moans and Officer Nice. Anybody who’s seen the image of Officer Nice’s “Golden Boy” has inevitably asked themselves who the heck it is. I won’t ruin the fun, but I will say that they are American, famous, dead, and grew up to be not very nice at all…

No photo? Go to my Flickr page...

You can watch the segment of “Inside Out” online here.