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I’ve been fully occupied over the past couple of weeks, and although that’s a good thing, it always surprises me just how much busier I seem to get when I have “time off” booked. In between organising wedding related stuff (the missus and I have some weird idea about getting married) and going on “holiday” (read as “being busy somewhere else instead of being busy at home”), I managed to squeeze in a little painting tour.

A couple of painted ramps

First stop was Bromsgrove (a little town south of Brum), where I went to see some old school friends, catch up, and paint some of the local skate ramps – which I remember being far larger than they actually are. Apparently to local council dowsized the because all the little scooter-kiddies don’t know how to man up…. Shameful.

Side views of AS piece for S+P

Next stop was the Sneaks and Peaks mini-fest at Boxxed in Digbeth – Hoakser, Fluid, G87 and Philth were all painting, and were it not for the weather a lot more would have done. I love my crappy plastic pack-a-mack – as horrid as it looks, at least I managed to keep relatively dry and rain-free. Even the walls stayed fairly good, with the rain blowing (for the most part) away from the side most of us were painting.

Front view of AS piece for S+P

After Birmingham, I travelled to Bournemouth, and although I didn’t get the chance to paint whilst I was there, I did get a few cheeky stickers up before it was time to leave and head to Bristol.

Everyone Loves ACuppa Sticker - and the sea

Bristol is sick. The cops are easy, and the quality of a good portion of the work on the streets is excellent. I managed to paint near Nelson st, and in Stokes Croft, with very little bother. I even snuck in a little social commentry

AsOne piece just off Nelson St, Bristol

Get Fracked! in Stokes Groft, Bristol

London came next, with visits to Leake St, Stockwell and Shoreditch. It was good to bump into a few writers whilst down there – although I missed some others. I guess the lesson there is for me to actually try getting in touch with people beforehand! I did see some sick work from Sobek and Kcis at the Boxpark in Shoreditch though – watching them paint together is eerie. I swear there’s some sort of writer’s telepathy going on there. Or maybe it’s cause they’re twins. Whatever. It’s just spooky.

AS Piece in Shoreditch, London

AsOne piece in Stockwell, London

TLA Throwie in Leake Street, London

This September the Yardbird will be hosting Tempo33’s “Roys Castle Lung Cancer Foundation” Street Fair. This charity event, hosted by T33 himself, will have a range of stalls selling everything from cakes (standard charity fair) through to homegrown street and graffiti art.

Support this event!

I will not, unfortunately, be able to be there, but have been able to get rid of the guilty feelings this brings by knocking out a bit of graphic design in support of the good cause. All my Brummie readers should mark the 29th of September in their calendars as a day for good music, homegrown art, and charity.

Please feel free to download the poster design and re-post it on your own pages – the more we promote this event, the more money will be raised!

So, things have been busy since I last posted. Between organising for an upcoming exhibition, dealing with half-arsed couriers and helping drop a stag do for my mate Delf, things have been hectic. Working through any sort of real idea has been impossible, but I have been building on the experimental work I did with the new(ish) Hardcore2 paint from the Yard.

The first two got painted down at the wall out the back of the shop – and were joined with some sick pieces by Loki and Ments.

Some big paintings at the Yard

The theme kept building – a few canvases later in the studio…

Canvas Eyes

…and I decided to take the idea out onto the streets. Not being in a position where getting nicked is the best idea, I put into action one of those ideas that gets chucked around a lot but never really used, and went and wrapped the town up.

NUA Blue Face

I had great fun putting this up on the electrical box right next to the NUA library. Watching the faces of all the little art bunnies as they hopped past and caught a whiff of real paint made me chuckle…


A few more went up that day as well – this one at the top end of Duke St, one on Gentleman’s walk, and one next to a main roundabout on the ring road.


Apparently, this image made quite the rounds, even ending up on the front page of Reddit. I had a great time reading all the comments on there…

Anyway, stay tuned for an update later this week on the Norwich vs Birmingham Secret Walls event held at Norwich Castle, and the release of my new Tshirts.

Rakos and I went to Pottergate for a paint last night, only to find that the rise in temperature to slightly above “fucking icicle” had left the walls absolutely saturated with condensation.
Rather than abandon the chance to paint, we headed for the studio, and proceeded to make an excellent mess on the walls. To be honest, I was glad of the chance to try out the MTN Hardcore2 paint I’d just got somewhere out of the public eye, as I’d not used it at all before….

Go to

I enjoyed using the paint – a little higher pressure than I’m strictlt used to for detail work, but it covers very nicely. It’s strange how the spray geometry of certain caps is altered completely by pressure and consistency – I found that an mtn94 skinny acted like I’m used to a pink-dot behaving, but a blue Ironlak Cyclone cap was actually far gentler and softer than on a Belton, which has a lower pressure.

Anyway, after I’d painted the wall, I decided to paint one of the mannequin bodies Rakos and I had hauled out of one of the local skips. I had a ball squinting at this to line it all up – overall I think it worked quite well.

Can't see this image? Go to

We got a female mannquin torso as well – next time, perhaps I’ll challenge myself to see if I can do the same with a pair of big plastic tits in the way…

The new TLACrew Channel is up on Youtube.

The video home of TLACrew.

Featuring videos of us at play and at work over the past couple of years, the new channel will be updated regularly with new playlists, videos from the street, and shots of the studio in action.

The new studio is now broken in! A fresh space for a collection of skills and styles to merge and give rise to some general badassery is now ready for use. Located at Space Studios in the center of Norwich, we have a well ventilated room with space for us to throw paint around in new exciting ways. Shared between myself, Rytch, Zyon, and Ments, this studio is going to be pushing out some serious work including paintings, prints and sculptures over the next few months. Keep an eye on it, cause we are.

Ky's Bedroom

One of my last pieces of 2012, I did this for a 4 year old lad’s bedroom and thouroughly enjoyed painting it!
If you would like something similar, day prices start at £300. Just drop me an email to talk about your design!